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I started taking pictures at a young age but I became a photographer when I was given my first DSLR, a 15-year-old well loved Nikon D70. Having been taught the basics, I was set free to capture the world, but what I pointed my lens at with the most joy were cars. Between Top Gear and my dad’s Hot Rod programmes, I had always had an interest in cars, but it was when I finally got out of bed early enough to attend the Saturday morning car shows in my hometown of Pasadena, CA that my interest blossomed. My first visit to the informal and prolific show produced some out of focus, thumb obstructed, mediocre shots, but I began to understand how angles and lighting effected how a car looked. During the next few visits I began to truly appreciate cars for the design marvels they are. I developed an appreciation for the details from the frenched headlights of hot rod customs to the alluring curve of the rear window in the Dino 246 GT. Every single line I could see was the product of careful thought and deliberate intention, from grilles and trim to the fins influenced by the fascination with space, characteristic of the late 50s and 60s. As my love for cars developed so did my appreciation for design, lines, and the effect they have on the eye.

After 4 years of studying Automotive Design, I emerged from beneath a large pile of Copic markers and sketches to find my passion for classic cars and photography unabated. My experience working in design has informed my photographic style and created these shots I'm proud to share with you today. I'm primarily based in London but I can be found at car events throughout Europe and the US so if you have something you want shot please get in touch below! 

Publications & Accolades 

FORZA- Let There Be Light  

Daytona Restoration


Hendon Way Motors

Adverts in Octane, Classic Car, Porsche Post and Total 911 as well as Op Eds and Model Guides on their website.


Winner of the Singer Porsche - Singer Celebration Competition 


Classic Driver -  Hendon Way Motors
Photography and some Copy 

December 18, 2020

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