Hendon Way Motors 

The simply stunning Pagoda is one of the most iconic designs of all time. According to a statement from Mercedes Benz at the time of the Pagoda’s launch: “it was our aim to create a very safe and fast sports car with high performance that despite its sporting characteristics provides a very high degree of travelling comfort.” The result was a perfectly Franco-German, track-bred, tech gilded, boulevardier; equally happy driving the back-roads of Switzerland and cruising the beach-front of St. Tropez. 

I'd been dying to do a shoot on the Putney waterfront but it was going to take the right car and this was certainly it. Although it's not quite the South of France, this is the closest to the waterfront this beautiful Cabriolet will be getting until she sells. This shoot was a refreshing reminder of the power of the classic car to bring people together and brighten one's day. From a distance we chatted with three or four people who had owned one back in the day or had some special connection to the Pagoda marque, passersby commented on how immaculate it was,  some older ladies were concerned by the lack of plates but we assured them the trade plates were in the boot, kids tugged on parent's shirts and asked a barrage of questions, but every single person smiled. In fact, a dog was so interested in the car that I had to do some NFL-style blocking to ensure the pristine paintwork remained unscratched by the giant stick it had also taken interest in.  

Available  for sale here: https://bit.ly/2KdzGDI