London Concours 2020

The London Concours was the first event of the year since the pandemic put a stop to large public gatherings.  Normally the torrential rain of the first day would have deterred much of the crowd, but everyone was so excited to feel the grass beneath their feet and the sweet sting of petrol fumes in their noses that they braved the inclement weather. The sea of brollies even had an added bonus: forced social distancing because the polite English public dreads nothing more than the awkward umbrella clash. Day 2 was met with sunshine and the most magical light that refracted and reflected off of the skyscrapers that surround the Honourable Artillery Company's field in heart of central London. It was fantastic to be back out interacting with other petrol heads, whether they be customers, clients, or new acquaintances. The events of the summer are often the only chance to catch up with some of the colleagues and familiar faces I've gotten to know year after year, so this was a welcome opportunity to connect with old friends. It was a fantastic event, put on against all odds, by an amazing team who we're eternally grateful to for keeping the passion alive in what was an otherwise difficult year.