2017 PORSCHE 991.1 GT3

Hendon Way Motors 

The 991 GT3 was a step-up from the previous generation in pretty much every significant way. Basic structure and mechanical layout remained the same but just about every component was revised or replaced to maximise efficiency - the perpetual Porsche pursuit. The steering was better, the chassis was redeveloped into a refined and sophisticated unit, and most importantly, the engine was so superb, enthusiasts flocked to their keyboards to sing its praise. 

The 991.2 engine is one of, if not the best, iteration of the new-era flat-six. Like the previous generation GT3 RS, the GT3’s engine was bumped up to 4.0L but was an improvement in that it had the 3.8L’s ability to rev to the full 9,000 rpm vs the RS’s 4.0L that only revved to 8,800. Between 3500 and 6500, the engine is fast and fills the cabin with a sonorous flax six noise, but if pushed above, it erupts into a sharp, bright and resonant wail. Above 8,000 rpm? Indescribable. You’ll just have to hear it for yourself! At 493 hp, it’s as close as one can get to having a racing engine on the road.

Helping differentiate between the 991 and 991.2 is the aero package which includes a higher wing which produces 20% more downforce (without increasing drag). The car gives you all the feel and information you need without overwhelming: steering is sharp but not overly transparent and the ride is firm but not jarring when going over road irregularities. Optional bucket seats create a low and engaging driving position that alongside the engine creates a scintillating driving experience.

This car’s owner (1 owner from new) has extensive experience with Porsches, so it has been fastidiously maintained and lovingly looked after. Specced incredibly tastefully, this 991.2 GT3 is ready for its next owner to enjoy to the fullest.