2014 PORSCHE 991.1 GT3

Hendon Way Motors 

It only takes one glimpse of this generation GT3 to see that just like its predecessors, it was developed for club sport racing. The lean and aggressive styling screams track day, but there is a subtle beauty to its menacing appearance. A large wing, vertical air ducts, wider and heavier body all contribute to the sporty stance but modern instruments and the bells and whistles from the 991 series models make it feel more friendly and road capable than previous generations.

The 3.8L engine produces 468bhp, a top speed of 196mph, and best of all, a wonderfully melodious sound. For the first time, the GT3 engine includes direct injection providing smoothness and contributing to that truly special engine note. More mid-range “umph” as well as tenacious and well weighted steering are user-friendly features that lend themselves to the car’s main market: Porsche road-racers. This car’s appeal lies in its remarkable breadth of ability. Accessible, faster, and more responsive, this 911 GT3 will comfortably do your commute in automatic mode, but at the flick of the switch will demolish that empty country road you’ve been dreaming of driving.