Hendon Way Motors for Classic Driver

I'm so proud to present this collection of images I did for Classic Driver's dealer profile on Anthony Pozner of Hendon Way Motors. It is the first photoshoot I've had published since returning to photography after University and it is an honour to have been asked by such a prestigious publication to take part! In the end I did a little of the intro writing as well, but you can read the full article here: 


“So, how did you hear about us?” A question so often asked by businesses worldwide to understand what marketing is having the most impact. For Anthony there’s a running theme to the feedback. Answers all vary on the same premise: ‘I’ve driven past the showroom for years and now that I’m able to afford something, you were my first point of call’. Uniquely positioned for foot traffic and free advertising, the eye-catching showroom is situated across from Hendon Central station, on the busy main road into London from the North West. Some customers stared out of the window on their school run fantasizing about one day racing the Ferrari in the window. Others looked lustfully from behind the wheel of their mundane daily driver at the Porsche they could be enduring traffic in instead, but they all have one thing in common, buying a car from Hendon Way Motors fulfilled a dream.The regular passers-by are kept on their toes, stock rotates through on a near constant basis. One week a Gallardo,993 Turbo S and a Daytona, the next, an E-Type, AC Cobra and a 230 SL Pagoda. Despite the variety in stock today, this well-known, family-run showroom started its remarkable story in 1952 as a Renault dealership. We sat down with Anthony to discuss his journey.