You Can't Rain on Our Concours

Hendon Way Motors at The London Concours 2020 Photos and Text by Rhiannon Hughes-Boatman for Hendon Way Motors Newsfeed 23.08.2020

Well, in truth, you can. And boy did it.

It was the first day of the first classic car show of the summer, and in typically English fashion, we were greeted with the worst weather imaginable. Grey skies, constant drizzle and the odd heavy showers sent people scampering for what little cover was available. Normally this sort of weather would have deterred much of the crowd, but everyone was so excited to feel the grass beneath their feet and the sweet sting of petrol fumes in their noses that they braved the inclement weather. The sea of brollies even had an added bonus: forced social distancing because the polite English public dread nothing more than the awkward umbrella clash.

Hendon Way Motors was represented by the inimitable 1973 Ferrari 356 GTB/4 Daytona we have in stock. Having won the "Post-War Unrestored" category at the prestigious Chantilly Concours in 2019, we were keen to add to it's already incredible provenance. The breathtakingly original, low miles vehicle has had very few previous owners but all have been fastidious caretakers. It arrived on Thursday evening, wherein our talented photographer was able to sneak in and get some golden hour photos before the crowds and bad weather arrived. We were amongst great competition, a 1991 Ferrari F40, a 1959 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing, a 1975 Lamborghini Countach LP400 'Periscopio,' a 2018 McLaren Senna, a 1970 Lamborghini Miura S, a 1991 Jaguar XJ220 'prototype' and an ex-Sterling Moss 1952 Jaguar XK120, which, predictably, was the winner in the year we lost the legendary driver.

It was fantastic to be back out interacting with other petrol heads, whether they be customers, clients, or new acquaintances. The events of the summer are often the only chance to catch up with some of the rallying buddies and familiar faces we've gotten to know year after year, so this was a welcome opportunity to connect with old friends.

Whilst we'd rather have been out driving through The Dolomites or quaint villages in France, this rainy day amongst the skyscrapers of central London was a welcome return to some semblance of normal. It was a fantastic event, put on against all odds, by an amazing team who we're eternally grateful to for keeping the passion alive in what was an otherwise difficult year. 6 Favourites from this year's show (other than our own):

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